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Best Things About Dental Help

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dental help work with me forever  but if it’s like you know corporations  who contact me in beach wanna you know make it happen it’s kind of a whole  different feel a whole different feel it’s more yeah we just want to support .

I  mean we we feel very very strongly in that business model and you know we’ve and want to support that and our thing  is as if we do not exc

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expectations we’re dental help disappointed in ourselves and so that’s pretty much our philosophy and and it’s difficult to do.That if you  spread yourself too thin  actually you’re right you’re right and so what’s one of the most frustrating things insurance companies do in your opinion they well I would say the most  frustrating the thing they do so so the insurance companies are kind of separate different groups.

There’s there’s a contract and credentialing negotiating side that’s one part of an insurance  carrier the other side of the carry on the other side of the wall and they are kind of walled off that’s the claim side fortunately we don’t deal with a claim side the the side that we work with  they’re by and large highly skilled professionals most of them have worked in dental offices in their past.

They know more about office management than the office managers what they’re dealing with there you know they they have no  position on whether you get a crown denied or not they’re typically very very highly professional

forever people and so  you’ve got this one pocket of people  that you’re working with and then once a  doctor either comes into network or is attempting to get in network and as  paperwork it everything kind of falls apart with a lot of these carriers where  huge amounts of their work is now being outsourced ting you can’t ever get an actual human being to assist you so  doctors that have A