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The Best Dental Insurance MI

The Best Dental Insurance MI.

The Best Dental Insurance MI  of the  waiting for the whole year The Best Dental Insurance MI.


  • The help center will take you to the nearest medical center
  • The costs of medical consultation and prescription drugs will be covered by us


Insured risks and other benefits:

  • Expenditure caused by the failure to make the trip due solely to the following reasons will be covered by the cancellation.

Provided that these reasons have occurred after the conclusion of the insurance policy:

  • In Romania there is free dentistry only on paper. The National Health House praises that policyholders,
  • regardless of age, can benefit from subsidized dental services in those cabinets that have a contract with the state.
  • In fact, only minors enjoy it. The others pay 40% of the settled tariff. In addition, you must be the first at the beginning of the month because the ceiling is ridiculously small.
The Best Dental Insurance MI
The Best Dental Insurance MI
  • Dental consultation, dental care, caries treatment, or dentures, these are free and compensated medical procedures. 3,070 dental clinics across the country have already signed a contract with their insurance houses.
  • Everything looks good on paper. In reality, these services are given on a first-come.
  • first-served basis, as the money allocated to a cabinet is capped, on average, at 1,300 lei per month.
  • In a cash cabinet at the Health House, two dental prostheses were given to a patient and only 5 urgents were resolved, and curative treatments were included in the same money.
  • And as with the next month, the money just gets for a few patients who appeared on the famous waiting lists
  • “We have appointments by autumn, in October. The funds from the House come for 2 maximum 3 children per month, I consume them all in one hour, “says dentist Dan Emil Georgescu.